Management Department

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  • Raymond
    General Manager

    Who knows more about why a place works so well than its General Manager?  At Kocourek Ford-Lincoln, that's Ray.  Sit and talk and you'll immediately see the twinkle in his eye and the pride his voice as he describes the people and the effort he's fortunate to be a part of.  Every team member grows a little every day.  Every Kocourek location has hundreds of moving parts, all working together.  Members of Team Kocourek help, encourage and support one another.  The result is a car-buying and car-servicing experience unlike any other.  Ask Ray, he's more than happy to tell you all about it. 

  • Jeff
    Used Car Manager

  • Tony
    Service Manager

    It happens rather frequently.  People are working in the car business, but feel something's missing; there's a better way.  Tony was in the car business, but, as it turned out, he just wasn't in the right place.  Today, after years on Team Kocourek, he leads the proud, professional Kocourek Ford-Lincoln Service Department.  And how's this for compatibility: as a youngster, Tony dreamed of being an auto technician.  That might be where the phrase 'livin' the dream' came from.  By the way, we asked team members about hidden talents they possess. Tony's reply: "If I told you, it wouldn't be hidden".  Yeah, maybe diversion is a talent.

  • Shawn
    New Car Sales Manager

    In this age of electronics and impersonal, instant communication, it's nice to know that buying a car is still a face-to-face experience.  Even though many people begin their search and research online, the day finally comes when things become hands-on; hands-on the wheel during test drives and hands-on other hands as congratulations send another satisfied buyer back out on the road.  As a Sales Associate at Kocourek Ford-Lincoln, Shawn appreciates every aspect of the process and, when, a guest defies the aforementioned 'impersonal, instant communication' with a hand-written note of thanks, it puts frosting on the cake.

  • Scott
    Parts Manager

    Anyone pronouncing Scott's last name on the first try will receive a special prize from the Parts Department at Kocourek Ford Lincoln!  Think about this: an automotive Parts Department must be organized, high-tech, and easily available whenever needed.  It must follow, then, that the Manager of a Parts Department be all those things - and more.  Scott is proud of leading a team of parts professionals at Kocourek Ford Lincoln and coaching that team to new heights every business day.  Most guests don't have a regular interaction with a Parts Department, but, if you want to get to know everything that defines Kocourek Success, wander in and say Hi to Scott and his team.

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